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‘I Only Made $300,000 From Fraud’ – Hushpuppi

Nigerian fraudster, Hushpuppi has revealed how much he made from his illicit activities on the Internet. His figure seems to have surprised a lot of people.

According to the Nigerian, he made merely $300,000 from his illicit activities before he was arrested. Hushpuppi was arrested from his Dubai hideout in June 2020 after a police raid and crack down on Internet fraud. The Nigerian has been on remand since then as his trial continued and is expected to be sentenced on the 21 September of this year.

Hushpuppi letter
Hushpuppi handwritten letter to judge

Writing a handwritten repentance message to the previous judge, Otis Wright, before his scheduled sentencing on Monday, Hushpuppi noted that the FBI had done a fantastic job as they have been able to crack down on crooks like himself. Ramon Abbass, which is Hushpuppi’s actual name, noted that he made money by selling footwear and clothing out of the trunk of his car.

He further stated that he only earned up to $300,000 and pleaded for a sentence reduction of up to 65%. This figure comes as a big surprise considering the level of wealth the scammer was flaunting on social media. From posh cars to rented flights and expensive pieces of jewellery, nothing about Hushpuppi’s life before his arrest in 2020 screamed $300,000. This is certainly understated to achieve a reduction in his sentencing.  

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