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NPP Will Win The 2024 Elections – Prophet Badu Kobi

Although the 2024 elections seem far away, most Ghanaians have kept an eye on it, and Prophet Badu Kobi has waded into the discussions.

Predictions by spiritual leaders in Ghanaian politics are not a new phenomenon, and it’s not surprising that The General Overseer of the Glorious Wave Church International has made his prediction. According to Prophet Badu Kobi, the ruling NPP would emerge victorious in the next elections. He explained that although the 2024 elections would be chaotic, the ruling party would still be declared winners.

He noted that regardless of which candidate the party choses to lead them in the 2024 elections, the party would still emerge victorious. Prophet Badu Kobi also admonished Ghanaians to pray about the current economic situation. According to the man of God, there was more hardship ahead before the situation finally got better. He revealed that he refuses to pray against the chaotic polls; several people will be caught up in the ensuing melee.

It will be declared that the ruling party has won again, and the opposition will say ‘no’ this time, and the opposition will get support. The person on the seat and those who are on the seat will say ‘still we won’t get up’ and there will be chaos. We need to pray. I repeat, we need to pray. I said there would be hardship in 2016… Soon, your nation’s debt will go up, and inflation will go up, and everything will go bad because you take something by right and not by force,” he prophesied.   

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