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‘Fela Kuti Started Afrobeats Before The Others Joined’ – Uncle Ebo Taylor

Legendary Ghanaian musician composer and musician Uncle Ebo Taylor has waded into the discussion of the genesis of afrobeat music on the continent.

According to Uncle Ebo Taylor, it all originated from Legendary Nigerian musician Fela Kuti. According to him, Fela notched the idea after he discovered that the younger generation was losing interest in Highlife. Uncle Ebo Taylor explained that, at the time, the younger generation felt Highlife had become one way and were looking elsewhere to find good tunes.

This then led to the creation of afrobeat which fused a number of classical genres with Highlife to form something new but still very African. He explained that Fela Kuti’s ability to have made this fusion work made his work very unique and appreciated by all ages compared to his counterparts at the time. Uncle Ebo Taylor was speaking in an interview with 3FM where he sort to give the historical origin of Afrobeat music which has now become an international wonder.

” He (Fela Kuti) started Afrobeat, and I got a glimpse of it. He told me about it. He said that highlife was getting too old, and we needed to create something new in its place. He’s the best and would take you by surprise, but you will appreciate it all the same. Fela was a friend who liked to surprise everybody. He made Afrobeat popular by popularising the beat and afro songs. When he takes off, you really feel he is giving something new,” Uncle Ebo Taylor stated.

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